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  • Your trusted network partner
  • Your trusted network partner
  • Your trusted network partner
  • Your trusted network partner
  • Your trusted network partner
About Us

The world around us is changing faster than ever. Today's success for a company depends greatly on its ability to gather, process and analyze data promptly, and on its agility to use that to make the decision of the day. To stay ahead of the frantic pace of this changing, digital world, companies are looking for robust Communication infrastructure, Security solution, Efficient and cost effective software solutions, and new technologies and devices that would give them an edge. Automate your processes; streamline your operations; spend your time not trouble-shooting but strategic thinking. Make it efficient.

Dhaka Fiber Net Ltd is committed to serve you from a single contact point. DFNhas a metro digital network that flows through every part of the Dhaka city and a nationwide backbone that connecting all the major cities of Bangladesh.

DFN software division is a team of outstanding engineers and designers with a diverse set of experience, who boast a track record of fast turn around time, and ingenious solutions for today's high-demand clients. DFN's Automation Solution can dramatically reduce the operational cost for businesses with variety of sizes, across a number of industries. With partnerships around the world and distributorship of major hardware vendors DFN is well positioned to serve its clients with a comprehensive solution.